Dive in Amed

The best place to learn how to dive in Bali!

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It is famous to dive Amed in Bali for its colorful and beautiful sloppy reefs covered with swarming fish.

It is the best place to learn scuba diving on the island of the gods! Amed offers a choice of small, shallow, calm bays perfectly suitable to go on your first dive or to take on your Open Water Diver Course. Shallow reefs starts right off the beach where you can get a taste already of the wonderful diversity Indonesia shelters. Sea turtles, rays, moray eels, anemonefish, pufferfish, boxfish will meet you while you take your first breaths underwater…

Amed is also an excellent place for certified divers. You can drift along deep slopes where myriads of fish gather and bigger pelagic creatures swim along. Try our house reef to see barracudas, sharks, milkfish and thousands of garden eels. Dive Amed’s Pyramids where artificial structures have become, after 15 years underwater, giant cleaning stations for reef and pelagic fish. Explore the Japanese wreck covered in soft corals and macro critters. We have also numerous nearby reefs where pristine hard corals in the shallow mix with sea fans and sponges as you go deeper.

Photographers and unique critter lovers aren’t forgotten as well. Amed also harbor a selection of special muck dive sites where the rare and photographer’s favorite creatures can be found. Search our black sandy bays and slopes or artificial reefs to find frogfish, ghost pipefish, sea horses, bobtail squids, harlequin or bumblebee shrimps to name a few. Our area is also remarkable for its extraordinary variety of Nudibranches and macro life. Some of those creatures as well as a lot of invertebrates can be spotted only at night so don’t miss out the night dives around Amed.


Dive Amed
The best place to learn how to dive!
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