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Dive Gili Selang to experience the thrill of currents and drift diving!

Gili Selang is a small island situated at the extreme East tip of Bali. It exhibits diving conditions very different from the calm warm waters of Amed and Tulamben. This island is already exposed to the famous Flow Thru current which runs between Bali and Lombok and connect the Indian with the Pacific Ocean.

Its colder and rich waters allow life forms to grow and multiply giving the dive site its richness and colours. The stronger currents around the island attracts bigger forms of life. Barracudas, trevallies or sharks can often be spotted there. To dive Gili Selang can be quite a challenge. Therefore only Advanced certified divers with a minimum amount of dives are allowed to dive there. For safety reasons, Gili Selang can only be dived by boat. Dive availability is subjected to weather conditions, currents and tides.

Divers with less experience can still dive Gili Selang’s surrounding dive sites. The stretch of coast before and after the island has calmer bays and shallower reefs. Dive sites are still only accessible by boat and we recommend divers to have a minimum of experience with drift diving as currents can sometimes pick up unexpectedly.

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