Nitrox Promotion

It is time to become an ENRICHED AIR DIVER with one of our best offers below!

It is time to get NITROX certified!! Bali Diversity is giving to all our divers some special promotions regarding our Enriched Air Diver Courses. So it is time for you to sign up for some new adventures!

ENRICHED AIR also called NITROX Diving consists in diving with air supply that is richer in Oxygen content. This allows divers to extend their bottom time underwater as Enriched Air Diving gives us longer No Decompression Limits. So if you want to spend more time at depth exploring one of our wrecks, then Nitrox Diving is the way to go. Amed, Tulamben & Kubu offer some great wrecks and deep walls diving which would benefit a lot if divers are using Enriched Air.

As Enriched Air also contains less Nitrogen than normal tanks, divers feel less tired after multiple diving day. It is therefore very suitable if you wish to go on Liveaboards (Diving Cruise) or do multiple dives a day for few days.

Bali Diversity is having great Deals for Enriched Air Diver Courses. Get NITROX Certified only for a great price including 2 dives with Enriched Air tanks. For even better offers, look at our Course Packages options below. You can now become certified as an Enriched Air Diver while doing your PADI Open Water Diver Course so become a more experienced diver straight from the start by signing up for one of our Course Packages.

Nitrox Course IDR 3.000.000
  • Includes Nitrox Certification

  • + 2 Nitrox Dives
Nitrox + OWCIDR 6.800.000
  • Includes Open Water & Nitrox Certifications

  • + 1 FREE Dive
Nitrox + AOWCIDR 6.000.000
  • Includes Advanced Open Water & Nitrox Certifications

  • + 1 FREE Dive
Nitrox + RescueIDR 6.400.000
  • Includes Rescue Diver & Nitrox Certifications

  • + 1 FREE Dive