What makes our place so special for diving is its astonishing diversity!!! The coastline that lies between Amed, Tulamben, Kubu and further beyond offer such a great combination of sites, underwater environment and topography as well as a surprizing assortment of marine critters.


Come and experience the amazing diversity of our underwater world right off the beach!! Amed, Tulamben and its surroundings offer a wide range of dives where crystal clear and calm waters exhibit an incredibly rich marine life.

Shore dives, boat dives, night dives, if you have just completed your Open Water Diver course or are already a very experienced diver, we surely have a dive site for you.

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You enjoy diving with us, you want to explore all the sites Amed & Tulamben have to offer? No problems! The more you dive….the cheaper it becomes!!!

Have a look at our Fun Dive Packages and contact us for more information.

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You will be able to explore Second World War wrecks, swim along pristine reefs, fly above vertiginous walls, dive underwater temples and artificial reefs or search the unique creatures on our muck dive sites. All from the shore or within a maximum 30 minute drive from our shop!


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You haven’t dived for a while and feel a bit rusty. The Open Water Course was years ago and you haven’t dived since? You don’t remember anything at…

No worries, take on our short Refresher or our extensive Scuba Review and you will be able to enjoy breathing underwater and exploring the reefs of Bali.

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All fun dives at Bali Diversity include PADI Instructor and/or PADI Divemaster services, diving equipment, tanks (12 Litres), weights, dive torches for the night dives, water, coffee, tea and towel. If you desire Nitrox tanks or 15 Litre tanks, extra fee will be charged.