Harlequin Crabs – Photographer’s favorite

A fascinating commensal relationship between the Harlequin Crab and a Sea Anemone.

Harlequin Crabs – Photographer’s favorite

26 Oct No Comments Didi Ode Amazing Sea Creatures

Lissocarcinus is a genus of Crabs from the Portunidae family known as the Swimming Crabs and containing nine species. Amongst them are two of our photographer’s favourites, the Harlequin Crab Lissocarcinus laevis and the Sea Cucumber Crab Lissocarcinus orbicularis. Both highly photogenic, those two species are remarkably similar but easily differentiated by

How to solve a foggy mask problem?

23 Aug No Comments Marion Masse Diving equipment, Diving Tips & Tricks

There is nothing more frustrating than a foggy mask while going on a Fun Dives or snorkelling! It makes you miss all the cool stuff you could have seen underwater. You have troubles communicating with your buddies and it disturbs your technique as you obviously don’t see well what you

Women’s Dive Day at Bali Diversity

12 Jul No Comments Marion Masse Special Offers & Promos

It’s PADI Women’s Dive Day this weekend and as a strong supporter of all women divers out there on our blue planet, Bali Diversity couldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate them! PADI Women’s Dive Day is an event set on the 15th of July 2017 by PADI for the third consecutive year

How to choose your diving fins: Full-Foot vs Open-Heel

21 Nov 4 Comments Marion Masse Diving equipment

When it comes to diving fins, there is a lot to consider to make the right choice. The first decision you face will be whether to get Full-Foot also called Closed-foot or Open-Heel or Open-foot fins. You wear Full-foot fins over a bare foot while you need neoprene booties to use

How to get your buoyancy under control?

24 Oct 2 Comments Didi Ode Diving Tips & Tricks

Do you see that tiny shrimp here? No… Come closer then! And now? Not yet, come closer, closer… Next thing you know you end up crushing the reef and the poor shrimp you were trying to look at! Why is that? Because you haven’t understood yet the most important skill